Let me introduce you to MIPLANiAPP®.


MIPLANiAPP® is The Ultimate Profit Maximizer and Lead Generation Forecasting Tool that lets you:

1. Rapidly simulate the potential profit of any financial, sales or marketing goal BEFORE you invest in your business.

2. Quickly discover the number of traffic, leads and buyers you need in order to achieve your business´ goals.

Great information which saves you time and money.

MIPLANiAPP®, The Ultimate Profit Maximizer and Lead Generation Forecasting Tool, takes the guesswork out of planning, profit-optimized and helps stay away from costly inversion / marketing / sales mistakes.

Here is How Using The Ultimate Profit Maximizer and Lead Generation Forecasting Tool Can Help You keep away from Costly errors And Shortcut Your Way To actually set financial / marketing / sales goals and achieve them.


Using MIPLANiAPP®, you will get the step-by-step roadmap to skyrocket your self-confidence and gain the clarity you need to finally accomplish the financial / marketing / sales goals you set in YOUR BUSINESS.

Get ready to experience “focused” growths as you make more money, build powerful confidence, build up repeatable incomes, and learn how to get the MAXIMUM of your business every day.

You will receive a digital and also a printable version of your roadmap in order to stay goal focused, which means you would not feel NEVER frustrated and overwhelmed AGAIN.

MIPLANiAPP®: Set the average price of all your products

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semesterly and Yearly´s step-by-step roadmap which means you have the full numbers to guide you through your plateaus and finally realize your business goals.

Free / Monthly / Annually and LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the helpful data which means you can always revisit the results and make changes as often as you’d like.

You have 24 / 7 ACCESS to the tool which means you’ll never feel lost nor frustrated, and you can reach out anytime if you feel you need guidance, feel struggle and self-doubting… Because you are NOT ALONE, and you are FULLY SUPPORTED.


Listen, I wasn’t always successful and my digital business was far from IDEAL or balanced.


A few years back, I was the owner of two different online businesses, working close to 16 hour days (considering that at the same time, I was part of the staff of a hotel business), and “surviving” just to keep up with the everyday grind.

I found myself Out Of Shape, Destroying My Personal Life (Never Seeing My Friends And Family) And Drinking Heavily Red Wine Every Single Night just to try and NUMB the pain of endless stress, depression and frustration that was eating me up.

I was desperate for a CHANGE.

The Moment That Changed My Life Forever...

One night, I got on my computer and started researching all the information I could about “How to set successful goals” in business.

I then found out an article written by Mr. Craig Ballantyne in 2008 about Reverse Goal Setting for Weight Loss.

That was the reading that changed my life forever and started me on the path to where I am today.

Within 6 months, following Craig Ballantyne´s advices, I created an Excel sheet to help me hit my financial goals in my digital businesses.

The results this template generated in my life and other people's businesses were simply AMAZING.

After seeing my change and other people transformation, I managed to borrow some money from friends, find a software programmer able to put all my calculations online.

This was the first moment I started realizing that I wanted to build a SAAS (software as a service), to help other people in business to hit their financial goals and to become a profitable business confidently.

And that was also the moment I started overspending on my new business.

I agreed to a 10,000€ contract to have my software built with a programmer that I'd met only hours on a popular FreeLancer site.

MIPLANi´s Brand was on its way to born, and I put a firm line in the sand that I wanted it to launch ASAP.

Everything I did was focused on to make it happen; building my network on LinkedIn and preparing for that first day I would eventually launch.

And here I am today, happy to change other business owners´ life.

To summarize the story:

After years of reading books, signing up for webinars, listening to countless hours of marketing and business gurus telling me to do this and that, after getting a Bachelor Hons in Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Wales, and a Master degree in Hotel Management at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi...

... The problem was that I did NOT need more INFORMATION.

Rather, I NEEDED to focus on EXECUTION.

Sound familiar?