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Everything you always wanted to know about MIPLANiAPP®

A few years ago, Viviane Komze, the creator of MIPLANiAPP® owned two different online businesses.

She worked about 16 hours a day (considering she was also part of the staff of a hotel company at the same time) and "survived" just to keep up.

She was out of shape, with a non-existent personal life (no time to see friends and family) and drinking a lot of red wine every night, just to try to AMORTIZE the stress, depression and relentless frustration that was eating her up. She was desperate for a change.

The moment that changed her life forever...

One night, she plugged in her computer and began researching all the information she could on “how to set goals successfully” in business.

Soon after, she discovered an article written by Mr. Craig Ballantyne in 2008 on “reverse goal setting for weight loss”.

That was the reading that changed her life forever and started her on the path she is on today.

In just 6 months, based on Craig Ballantyne's advice, she created an Excel sheet to help her achieve her financial goals in her digital business.

The results that template brought about in her life and the lives of others were simply AMAZING.

After seeing her change and the transformation of other people, she managed to borrow some money from friends, and find a software developer capable of putting all her calculations online.

That was the first moment she realized that she wanted to build a SAAS (software as a service),to help other business managers achieve their financial goals and turn their companies into profitable businesses with TOTAL confidence.

And that was also the period when she started overspending on her new venture. She signed a € 10,000 contract to build her software with a programmer she had met just a few hours ago on the popular FreeLancer site.

The MIPLANi brand was on its way to being born and she set a firm date when she wanted the launch to take place.

Everything she did was focused on making it happen; building her network on LinkedIn, and preparing for that first day she would eventually launch.

To make a long story short:

And so here she is today, happy to change the lives of other business managers.

To make a long story short:

After years of reading books, signing up for webinars, listening for countless hours to dozens and dozens of Marketing and Business gurus telling her to do this and that, after earning a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Wales and a Masters in Hotel Management from the Sant Ignasi School of Tourism and Hotel Management....

...The problem was that Viviane did NOT need more INFORMATION.

She NEEDED to focus on EXECUTION.

I'm sure this sounds familiar to you.

The choice of having a dolphin as our logo was carefully thought out.

Apart from being a beloved marine mammal, in many civilizations and religions, the dolphin represents the death of a past lifestyle and the birth of a new life.

In Greek mythology, the significance of the dolphin takes on greater importance. It becomes a faithful ally of the man who wants to improve and not to become stagnant.

In some peoples such as the seafaring Minoan (ancient Crete in Greece), whose trade depends on the sea, the dolphin is attributed with the ability of caretaker and guide.

It is the great protector of evil against dangers. The dolphin is said to protect and guide sailors from storms and lead them to safe harbor in case they get lost.

Did you know, for example, that the ancient Celts saw the dolphin as a symbol of prosperity and guidance?

While the Celts saw the dolphin as a symbol of rebirth, many other cultures saw and still see it as a symbol of the better life they hope to have someday.

In short: since ancient times, the dolphin has always been associated with joy and positivity.

The main values associated with dolphins are: transcendence, consideration, chivalry, harmony, generosity, intelligence, friendship, community, resurrection, power, divination, wisdom, prudence and... speed of movement.

Values with which MIPLANiAPP® is associated.

Therefore, in choosing a dolphin, Viviane Komze, the creator of MIPLANiAPP®, wanted to have an attractive logo, easy to remember and to identify, as it will be a tool that the brand will always have at its side.

There are up to 97% of business managers who are NOT generating enough revenue or making substantial profit, so they live in fear of going out of business.

Some of these professionals also have trouble managing their sales and marketing teams because they lack self-confidence.

MIPLANiAPP® is a tool created to help them reach their financial, sales or marketing goals, generate more profit, grow their business and have more impact.

On the other hand, MIPLANiAPP® is here to help you gain more confidence and control in managing your marketing and sales teams and your business in general.

MIPLANiAPP® is a web application created to give beginners and more experienced business managers a LOT of confidence in making efficient decisions.


• they achieve their financial, sales or marketing goals.

• they get more revenue to grow their business and have more impact.

• they gain the confidence and control they need to lead their marketing and sales teams.

• they avoid costly investment mistakes.

• they grow their business quickly.

- Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced business manager, you know how important it is to invest your capital wisely. MIPLANiAPP® prevents you from losing money in unprofitable investments.

- If you are a beginner or more experienced business manager, you know that time is money. MIPLANiAPP® helps you discover in less than 10 minutes the roadmap to financial success.

- Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced business manager, you know that you must look for ways to maximize your profits. MIPLANiAPP® shows you in a few minutes how to do it through different scenarios.

- Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced business manager, you know how important it is to control your costs. MIPLANiAPP® shows you in a few minutes how easy it can be to monitor your costs and improve your results.

- Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced business manager, you know how important it is to generate traffic to your website and other social channels. MIPLANiAPP® shows you how much web traffic, leads and buyers you need to reach your financial, marketing or sales goals.

All this gives you great confidence and control when it comes to:

- self-managing your marketing and/or sales,

- hiring a marketing and/or sales team,

- and establishing different strategies to help you achieve your goals.

MIPLANiAPP® is a very simple tool to use, whether you have technical skills or not. It is designed to be used and understood by both beginner and more experienced business managers.

You simply need to answer 6 basic questions about your business, and in less than 10 minutes, MIPLANiAPP® provides you with a very detailed and complete roadmap for efficient decision making.

MIPLANiAPP® allows you to find out in less than 10 minutes how viable an investment is, not only when creating a business, but also when investing in a new advertising campaign, or when launching a new product, a webinar, etc.

MIPLANiAPP® works for all industries and businesses, whether they sell online or offline: retailers, restaurants, services, coaching, ecommerce, freelancers and all other sectors. By using the simulations run by this web application, you'll be better equipped to ensure that your forecast will be achievable.

MIPLANiAPP® is for beginner or more experienced business managers such as:

Small business managers

Midsized business managers

Digital business managers

Entrepreneurs selling locally and online

Professionals selling infoproducts

Professionals selling affiliate products

Coaches / Advisors / Consultants

Freelance professionals

Webinar promoters

E-commerce managers

Software / SAAS

And much more!

Regardless of your niche market, industry, or your skill level in business... know that if you generate sales (especially if you sell on the internet), MIPLANiAPP® is for you!

Building your first business?

MIPLANiAPP® is ideal for NEW business owners and entrepreneurs.

It allows them to create a simulated model of the financial performance of their business, even before setting up a single website to sell their products or services, or spending a single penny on advertising or traffic generation.

It helps them know in advance how all the numbers and parts of their marketing will work.

Already have an online business?

MIPLANiAPP® is the perfect tool to help you optimize and scale your results. Plan new expansions, and analyze “what if” scenarios.

Input small modifications to product pricing, expenses, conversion rate, or other variations in your business, and see how those variables can affect your Revenue, Profit, and other metrics.

Do you have a traditional business but also plan to sell online?

MIPLANiAPP® is the tool you need to help you make the transition successfully.

Absolutely. We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have seen from our customers. You can read MIPLANiAPP® reviews on our site, as well as testimonials from third-party review sites.

You get a roadmap for business success. Using MIPLANiAPP® for a full year allows you to run as many simulations as you want for 365 days. This helps you see how your business can really perform to achieve your goals.

This makes it easier for you to identify ways to make more money, reduce costs and grow your business.

In addition, the annual plan saves you almost 25% compared to the monthly payment plan.

Purchasing MIPLANiAPP® with lifetime access (offer available for a limited time), gives you access to all features and upgrades.

With this choice, you are guaranteed unlimited use of the software for as long as the application remains operational.

Warning: this offer is only valid for a very limited period of time.

We offer you a FREE TRIAL of all MIPLANiAPP® features, for as long as you want; that means no risk and no credit card required.

If you like it, upgrade to the Monthly or Annual plan. We want you to love our product as much as we do before you become a customer.

It's our best Satisfaction Guarantee.

The only limitation of the Free Plan is that you can only set a maximum target amount less than or equal to €30.000.

Yes, MIPLANiAPP® shows you a very comprehensive detailed roadmap to reach any financial, sales or marketing goal you want.

With all the data collected from the software, you just need to be creative in developing the strategies that will lead you to achieve those goals. It couldn't be easier.


We are working on it.

Very soon MIPLANiAPP® will make it easier to collaborate with other users in your account, even working on the same simulation at the same time.

We will make MIPLANiAPP® prevent users from overwriting each other's work by allowing only one user at a time to edit a particular section. Other users will see that section of the plan as locked.

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of simulations in the same account. However, you can only open and run one simulation at a time. If you need to edit several simulations at the same time, simultaneously, you can upgrade your account by purchasing multiple plans.

Unfortunately, we do not support importing data at this time.

The easiest way to produce the documents created in MIPLANiAPP®, is to use the print or save to PDF function that outputs the contents of your plan in a standard file format that Adobe Reader or other free reading programs can read.

MIPLANiAPP® automatically backs up your data every few seconds, and every time you click “Logout”. All your simulation and account information is securely stored on our online servers, ready for you to access whenever you need it.

You can always print a copy of your plan as a PDF file to save on your computer or download your plan as a PDF document, if you know you won't have Internet access for a while and want to have the content at hand.

But it is not necessary to save your data offline for backup purposes.

That depends. Do you want the other person to be able to edit and change the plan, or just read it?

And how comfortable is this person with digital technology?

If you are only looking to get feedback (comments) on a given document, the easiest thing for your collaborator is probably to send them a PDF.

And if you have a business partner to whom you want to provide full power to add data and make modifications to your results, you can share the file with them via your intranet.

- Go to the saved file you want to share, add your partner's contact and select "Edit" to give him or her the power to make modifications.

They will then be able to freely change anything in the content of your simulation.

MIPLANiAPP® supports the following currencies: $ Dollars, € Euros, £ Pound Sterling

And MIPLANiAPP® supports the following languages: English and Spanish.

We are working on it. Very soon, it will be possible for you to issue a guest pass.

Technical Questions

We support the current version of each of these browsers:


Chrome (Windows and Mac)

Firefox (Windows and Mac)

Edge (Windows)

Safari (Mac)


  • Mobile Safari (iOS)

These are the platforms that we tested. If you encounter a problem in a different browser, please let us know.

Sure, feel free to try MIPLANiAPP® before you buy it. Other current browsers such as Opera should be fine, although you may encounter minor problems as we did not test the application in those browsers.

If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, we recommend that you upgrade your browser. The upgrade is free and you will have a much better experience with MIPLANiAPP® and the Internet in general.

No. Sorry. You must be connected to the Internet to use it. The good news is that you can use it from any computer or device with Internet access, so it is not tied to a single PC. But we do NOT currently support offline access.

We officially support Android devices and the latest version of Safari browser on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).

And remember, try MIPLANiAPP® on your devices for as long as you want before upgrading to a better plan.

If it doesn't work, don't sign up for the paid plan.

We recommend that your mobile device connect via WiFi or LTE. As with any web application, a reliable broadband Internet connection is required with MIPLANiAPP®. Erratic or low-speed connections can cause problems.

Registration and cancellation

Our best guarantee policy?

Try the Freemium plan of MIPLANiAPP® completely FREE. This plan allows you to access all the features of the software to discover what it can do for your business. In case you didn’t like our Freemium Plan, SIMPLY do not upgrade to the paid version.

It's our best guarantee. Because we want you to love our software as much as we do.

Yes, you can cancel your plan before the next billing cycle starts. That way, your plan will not be renewed.

You can also change your current plan to a superior plan at any time, without penalty.

Your simulations are 100% yours at any time and you can take them with you when you leave. If you decide to end your MIPLANiAPP® subscription, simply export your simulation to PDF format before logging out for the last time.

You can also put your account on “standby” mode for a low monthly fee, that way we'll keep all your data safe when you're ready to resume your business. If you are interested in this option, Contact us to take advantage of this service.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery credit cards, as well as PayPal.

In addition to getting a roadmap for your business success, using MIPLANiAPP® for a full year allows you to run as many simulations as you want for a year. This allows you to see how your business can really work towards achieving your goals.

This makes it easy to identify ways to make more money, reduce costs and grow your business.

In addition, the annual plan saves you 25% compared to the monthly payment plan over 12 months.

The purchase of MIPLANiAPP® with lifetime access guarantees you unlimited use of the application for as long as it is operational.

It is common for digital startups to offer lifetime one-time payment offers for access to software and/or online tools.

Of the myriad of reasons why companies choose to do this, there are three, in particular that should be kept in mind because they are always at the top of the list.

The top three reasons why startups are offering one-time payments and lifetime offers to consumers:

• Outsmarting the competition

Online startups are fully aware that in order to become the standard solution in the market, they have to analyze the competition and then implement one or more strategies to beat them.

Today, one of the ideal ways to beat the competition is to offer a solution at a cost that saves consumers more money in the long run than if they were to buy it from a competitor every month.

• Attracting visitors

A one-time payment deal does not fail to attract visitors to a solution to the point of successfully persuading them to BUY.

This type of payment reflects that it is a bargain, which would make many people want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

• Establish yourself in the market

For any startup to be successful, it has to be well established in the market and in its particular niche.

In order for consumers to notice their presence, online startups must make sure to provide an attention-grabbing offer, such as offering a lifetime deal.

Startups want their respective solutions to reflect “a deal worth considering”.

Their managers know that one of the best ways to be highly successful for many years to come is to offer their solutions as lifetime deals.

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